Here are the settings for all the different South African cellular networks.

These also apply to some routers. You just need to fill in the details that apply to your device.

MTN APN (Access Point Names) settings:

Name – MTN Data


Proxy – Not set or none

Port – not set or none

Username – Not set or none

Password – Not set or none

Server – Not set or none

MMSC – Not set or none

MMS Port – Not set or none

MCC – 655

MNC – 10

Authentication Type – None

APN Type – Default

APN protocol – IPv4/IPv6

APN roaming Protocol – IPv4


Vodacom APN (Access Point Names) settings:


Cell C APN (Access Point Names) settings:


Telkom Mobile (Access Point Names) APN settings:


RAIN APN (Access Point Names) settings: